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Fishing For Cadmium

Creating a bioassay to be used by peruvian fishermen onsite

From our first visit to TASA, we learned that Cadmium is a major issue in the fishmeal industry. Most fishmeal exceeds the limit established by the European Union and therefore reduces our competitiveness in addition to putting our health at risk.


TASA required a detector that would not only signify the presence of Cadmium but would also detect its concentration. This guided our project to shift to cadmium detection with a bioassay model.

Our Teams


We are working on a bioassay that will incubate the bacteria and allow for the detection of cadmium in fish products.

Human Practices

Our work consists of spreading our knowledge of science to local community whilst seeking feedback from experts.


Our work centers on creating a plasmid for bacteria to detect concentrations of cadmium in fresh anchovies. 

Project Overview

The gray lines show the original process to make fish meal and to test for pollutants. The red line shows how the process would be with the modified bacteria. 

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Instagram: igem_peru

Twitter: FDRHB Peru

Facebook: IGEMFDR

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